I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on what is going on with Auto Talk Radio, KFMB 760 AM has been sold, they are waiting for the final sign off of the FCC to Transfer ownership, once signed it will Transfer to Local Media, Local Media has no interest in the AM station and it appears they are going to let it go dark and put the frequency up for sale. Unless something changes and someone picks up the station and would like to continue the Talk Radio aspect of it, although it does not seem likely anything is possible, we have a lot more questions than answers at this point. What that means is there will be no further talk radio on 760 AM at least for now when this happens, it could happen as soon as Friday the 7th of February or it could be a later date, We will be continuing on 760 AM Until the day they pull the Plug so please stayed tuned for updates.

We started telling customers about this on the radio this past Saturday as we did not want to go dark without our clients and loyal listeners knowing what was going on. We are in talks with several different Media Companies and pod cast options, we will be posting updates here at Auto talk radio for all of our listeners so please check back regularly for updates.

Please understand we have thoroughly enjoyed doing Auto Talk Radio for all these years and this was by no means our decision, we will roll with the punches as usual and work to find a suitable new home that will serve our Platform and all of our wonderful listeners and clients. Please stay tuned for updates.

Host Brian Bowersock of West Automotive Group, which operates West Escondido, West El Cajon, and West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission, and co-host Dan Mulgrew of Miramar 76 Service Center & Transmissions come together for an hour every Saturday morning to discuss your automotive questions on 760 KFMB Auto Talk Radio. The popular segment covers everything from spark plugs to transmission issues and everything in between. With much experience in the automotive industry, this is the show you listen to when you want to hear the experts talk. Both Brian Bowersock and Dan Mulgrew have extensive backgrounds in the automotive industry, and they are still working in it, which means they know all about the latest industry trends and news.

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Auto Talk radio dives into that complex thing you drive every day. Bowersock and Mulgrew are able to take the complexities of your vehicle and explain them to their listening audience in a way that everyone can understand. If the question you have about your vehicle isn’t answered on the scheduled podcast, listeners are encouraged to call in to 800-760-KFMB (800-760-5362) and ask those questions.

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Educating & empowering listeners since 2011

The goal of Auto Talk Radio is to educate listeners about their vehicles, so they feel empowered when they go to get their cars repaired, or even go to buy a new one! Past topics Bowersock and Mulgrew have covered include extended warranties, how to prevent your vehicle from overheating in hot summer temperatures and ten maintenance mistakes that can seriously damage your vehicle. The information shared on the podcast is information all drivers can benefit from.

For answers to all your automotive questions, tune into 760 KFMB Auto Talk Radio on Saturday mornings from 7 – 8 a.m.! And, if you’re not an early riser or aren’t in the area, you can visit Auto Talk Radio to download our podcast, so you can listen later. If you have any questions you’d like answered on the show or topics you would like to hear more about, email them to autotalk@westautomotivegroup.com.

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